From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the gird.


Grid and system management
Inter-TSO-, Inter-DSO- and interconnection trainings

The TSOs are legally obligated to ensure the system security of the electricity supply system. This obligation includes the interaction with the underlying distribution system operators and producers on the one hand the system balance, at all times compliance of production and consumption, i.e. compliance with the standard frequency of 50 Hertz
and on the other hand, the network management, as:

  • compliance with the physical limits (voltage control),
  • Securing the load rod formality or the prevention of stress injuries (preservation of ( n-1) - criterion )
  • the network restoration after major disruptions or blackouts.

An essential element of network management is the ability of network operators by subnet or network breakdowns, quick to set up the network again and to secure the re- supply of electricity. This , inter alia, conduct the training requirements:

  • Know the interaction of all the elements and processes of the electricity supply system
  • Mastering the "tools" for monitoring and control of network and generation systems (SCADA system , EMS, schedule management system , data management system , analysis and alarm systems)
  • Know and mastery of legal, regulatory, company-specific regulations and other rules and regulations (national and international standards, association rules, etc.)
  • Know the company-specific network restoration concepts and their objective and effects
  • Identification and analysis of system states , in particular the foreseeable or occurring network constellations (Clustering, Blackout)
  • Decision to necessary network reconstruction variants and corresponding communication behavior
  • Perform or active participation in the implementation of processes for network restoration
  • Crisis work and communication
  • Ensuring a qualifying documentation

Target group 

Employees in the fields of electric power generation, transmission , and distribution

Training content / scenarios

  • Principles for network restoration (including network reconstruction with voltage input by neighboring TSO , network reconstruction with KW systems from block captive island mode , Black Start , interconnection of isolated networks )
  • Explanation and discussion of each selected (company-specific) grid reconstruction variants
  • Introduction to basic functions of the control system
  • Analysis of the initial situation and the system security status
  • Importing fault scenarios with regional and national impact
  • Identify and analyze the pre-critical or critical situation , as well as derivation and implementation of countermeasures
  • Analyzing the state of the system after occurring subnet or network failures
  • Definition and communication of roles (TSO, DSOs, generators) for network reconstruction
  • Definition of the selected grid reconstruction variant and develop the required communication
  • Implementation of the grid reconstruction (possibly with each stepwise discussion) with a focus on communication with national and international partners


Number of participants: max. 18


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