From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the gird.


Basic switching authorisation (380 kV)

Target group

qualified electricians in the field of the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy


You must be authorized to perform switching operations up to 110kV (!) to participate in this basic training course


In addition to an education on technical expertise, the basic training course, which builds on the switching authorisation for 110kV, also includes training to obtain the required competencies for analysis, selection of appropriate methods and communication with a focus on practice and operations. After successfully passing the exam, the participant is granted switching authorisation by means of a certificate.


Individual and group exercises with and without a simulator, exam


On the 1st day: GridLab GmbH training center, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 03044 Cottbus / Germany (see also contact)

Course periods

07th november - 08th november

Training content

  • Acquisition and verification of among others basic knowledge in electrical engineering
  • Basics for the operation of energy transmission grids
  • Basic tasks in the system and grid management, safety at work and environmental protection
  • Switching in energy transmission grids, including trainer-based visualisation
  • Exercises on the Grid Simulator

Practical seminar in the transformer station / power plant

Number of participants: max. 12
Duration: 2 days
Price:  1100,- EUR

 If you want to attend a seminar, please send us an email to:


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