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Basic switching authorisation (110 kV)

Target audience

qualified electricians in the fields of the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.


Degree in electrical engineering


in addition to an education on technical expertise, the basic training course also includes training to obtain the required competencies for analysis, selection of appropriate methods and communication with a focus on practice and operations. After succesfully passing the exam, the participant is granted a certificate of switching authorisation.


In basic training, the skills required for analysis, method selection and communication are trained practical and action-oriented to the provision of technial expertise. The focus will be, inter alia, the principles for secure network operation, to implement the 5 safety rules for preparing and securing the unstressed condition and use of language switching. The successfully tested is certified with the receipt of the basic switching authorization.

Seminar lectures, individual and group exercises with and without the Grid Simulator (the GridLab Simulator provides a safe condition to the participant when planning and implementing switching operations), exam


GridLab GmbH, Seminar center, Hubertstr. 24, 03044 Cottbus, Germany and Training center IKMZ, Information-, Communication-, and Mediacenter, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 03044 Cottbus (see also contact)


25th april - 29th april 2016

17th october - 21th october 2016


Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Strasse (in charge of the course)


  • Requirements of persons with switching authorisation, delegation of responsibilities
  • Dangers of lightning storms, first aid measures
  • Principles Occupational Health and Safety
  • Basic principles of transmission and distribution grids
  • Structure and fuctioning of switchgear, switching devices, transformers and safety systems
  • Environmental / Fire protection
  • Definitions, switching terminology
  • Important provisions of DIN VDE 0105
  • Simulation of switching operations on the GridLab grid simulator
  • creation of switching programmes
  • Planning workflow for producing and storing the stress-free condition with the required safety measures
  • Training of switching operations using switching terminology and taken into account the different types of operations and particular breakdown scenarios
  • Practice in a 380kV/110kV substation

Number of participants: min. 8 / max. 12
Duration: 5 days
Price: 2.350,- Euro per participant

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We refresh your knowledge and show you the newest developments.

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