We support you in recruiting future collaborators and provide first practical experiences for students that they will need in their future professional career.



The SeasonsUniversity was developed in order to offer electricity companies the possibility of winning students to become future employees. The SeasonsUniversity opens up the chance to host a one day to multiple day event at our training center with students of the degree program Electrical Engineering and therefore encourages the dialogue between both parties.

Due to the strain of students within the exercises conformities can be seen between the company requirements and the student`s reputation.
Significant, and to set us apart from other providers, is the Grid Simulator and the Virtual Networks for graphic and exercises.

Herewith we have a three dimensional benefit:

For the inviting company:

  • The possibility of direct presentation and dialogue with students
  • Image improvement with sponsoring this event
  • Support of students with promotion of first experiences - even without the intention of acquisition of young academics

For students:

  • Inside view in the real world of grid and system operations
  • Practical learning experience and expansions of theoretical knowledge
  • Realistic exercises in a virtual control room and interactive exchange with special technical and non-technical questions
  • Contact to experts
  • First meeting with companies
  • Certified qualifications

For universities:

  • Possibility to expand own theoretical instructions
  • to establish practical orientated learning content
  • Push attraction of own degree program of Electrical Engineering

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We offer flexible models. The success of this product has shown us, that many universities have applied for SeasonsUniversity. Therefore we orientate our event to the inviting company.
If you need more details about duration, organization and content, please contact us.

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