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Anatomy of crisis's

Target audience

Interested individuals from all professional groups

Seminar content

  • Definition of crisis's and determination of their anatomy
  • Chain of actions in the event of a crisis: Elucidation (fact/evaluation)–stabilisation–handling–reconstruction–documents
  • From the general organisational structure to the special organisational structure
  • Assessment of the situation, decision-making, handing over
  • Visit of the crisis and situation centre of the Land (federal state) where appropriate



Jürgen Hohnen , Secretary of State A.D.
2000-2006 Head of Department of Security Minister
2006-2009 State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior
currently chairman of the national association of THW Berlin , Brandenburg and Saxony- Anhalt


GridLab GmbH, Hubertstr . 24, 03044 Cottbus (see also Contact)


17th march 2016

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Number of participants min 6 , max. 12

Duration 1 day

Price 650, - Euro plus VAT


From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the grid.

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