Virtual control area and virtual municipal grid


Virtual control area

  • Training scenarios concentrate on, especially in Germany, the EEG-infeed, with a plurality of implements of wind and solar infeed.
  • The size of the virtual control area includes ca. 75 substations, which in a reliable network, consisting of ca. 150 lines linked to each other. Therefore it is possible to show different constructions and configurations like bypasses and coupling designs
  • The virtual control area shows all essential funtions of a real system that enables realistic and demanding lectures
  • Future demands of operators can already be trained today, e.g. simulations with optional numbers of EEG infeed can be tested of its effect of network expansion.
  • For clients, who do not need a detailed replicate for their lectures or trainings
  • For single lecture, usually it does not justify the implement of own real grid data, therefore we developed the virtual control area with subordinated distribution system operators and municiple utilities
  • The virtual control center allows a short term lecture and training (avoiding a long ranging migration of data) of operators
  • In such trainings all functions of the grid simulator (see service description) can be used
  • Especially internal demands cannot be practiced, because the specific characteristics of own grid data are missing (coloring, pictograms, sepcial configurations of switch gear and connected internal instructions etc.)
  • When indicated, in-house lectures at our clients offices with the help of the GridLabcompact system that makes "the grids portable", with less need of participants as a GridLab lecture at our training center


Virtual municipal utility

  • Subordinated of the virtual control area is the municipal utility implemented
  • With 2 control area exemplars up to low potentioal tension
  • With the help of the virtual municipal utility it is possible to go into issue of general network control of distribution network operator
Operating resource control area quantity
Switch yard/distribution station ca. 75
Lines ca.150
Lines length [km] ca.9000
Transformer ca. 150
Conventional feeding (Blocks) ca. 30
Aggregate power level of conventional feeding ca. 15GW
Aggregate power level of EEG feeding ca. 20GW
Power switch ca. 900
Disconnect switch ca. 3000
Measured and displayed values (P, Q, F, I, U, AG) ca. 3800

Operating resource municipal grid quantity
Distribution station ca. 100
Lines ca. 200
Power switch ca. 2800
Measured and displayed values (P, Q, F, I, U, AG) ca. 12000


From the normal operation to crisis situations and to rebuilding the grid.

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