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Visit TEIAS in GridLab

f.l.t.r. TEIAS visitors to hear the statements of Hans-Peter Erbring, CEO GridLab

Cottbus, 12/02/2015: On 11/02/2015, a group of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation TEIAS GridLab, the European Training and Research Centre for the safety of electrical networks.

TEIAS is responsible for the security of the electricity transmission and for carrying out the planning of the load distribution and operation services in Turkey since 01/01/2001 as transmission system operator in the country. With the demonstration on GridLab network simulator and a lecture on"Renewable Energy in Germany" - consequences for network operations and network development" by Hans-Peter Erbring, CEO of GridLab, the visitors gained important insights into the current situation of the German and European networks and the challenges of the future.

In addition to the introduction to the GridLab dispatcher training simulator (DTS), it was in the terminal circuit exercises to deal with a thunderstorm scenarios for each participants to complete.

Objectives of the visit, both the need of training to master critical network situations to demonstrate, as well as regarding the issues of standardization and certification in the energy industry to discuss.

It was particularly important to the participants from Turkey as well GridLab the international exchange of experience on the situation in European networks.

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