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Perfect fit and firm-specific seminar for obtaining the basic switching authorization

In September 2014, the pilot seminar started to obtain the basic switching authorization for electrical installations and equipment in GridLab. In close cooperation with the regional centers and the area of network operator for 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH GridLab developed a program that is tailored well as the specific regulations and requirements in the switchgear and substations of 50Hertz Transmission. The aim of the seminar is with high practical elements, eg using the network simulator GridLab to support the training of staff in the 50Hertz regional centers in accordance with the recently enacted new training program active. The Participants came from all 7 regional centers, as well as the headquarters 50Hertz.

After 7 days of intense learning and exercising and auditing all participants were able to take their certificate of successful completion and thus became the basic switching authorization in reception.

At the end of the training program the acquisition of technical qualifications and thus the operating permit for independent implementation of control and switching operations and safety measures in the substations and switchgear will be 50Hertz. In accordance with the quality management system GridLab also this seminar was evaluated and came up with very good results.

Hans-Peter Erbring, CEO of GridLab, is satisfied: "GridLab has thus proven to make customer-specific requirements conceptually and practically implement them successfully."

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