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Member of the European Parliament at GridLab

Cottbus, November 22, 2013

The Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Christian Ehler, visited the Training and Research Center GridLab in Cottbus on Friday. The company meanwhile operates more than one Grid Simulators with which critical grid situations are enabled to be represented and exercised.

Dr. Bernd Benser, CBO GridLab, said: “Then more and more the grid operators have to intervene into the system control. The reason for this is the volatility of feed-in of wind and solar power.”

Dr. Ehler informed himself of the numerous research projects of GridLab and was impressed by the ambition scheme to enforce ideas of standardization and certification for the European power supply. Background is the interconnection of the European grid operators. Their requirements were presented by Dr. Dirk Biermann, CMO 50Hertz Transmission.

Especially the important responsibility of the dispatcher, who sits in the control center of a grid operator knowing the consequences decisions can have – like blackouts for several days –, astonished the member of the EU-parliament.

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