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Marc Elsberg likes it!

Cottbus, September 23, 2013

Normally you have to be dead if a street would be named after you. But sometimes strange things happen, which remind us to Goethes Mephisto, who said to Miss Marthe: “Your husband is dead and says hello to you.”

Don’t worry! – Marc Elsberg, the bestseller writer of the book “Blackout”, is alive and he is not in a bad shape.

However, a street in named after him during his lifetime. The “Marc-Elsberg-Street” belongs to the Artificial Control Area and its integrated City Grid.

GridLab develops this virtual grid according to customer’s request. Who does not strive a training under the realistic conditions of an own grid and who wishes to order the training service of GridLab more flexible, is at least enabled to train the base requirements – if as municipal utility, distribution system operator or international transmission system operator.

Marc Elsberg likes it.

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