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GridLab experts model future scenarios of renewable energy integration for Japan

The present study "Integrating renewables into the Japanese power grid by 2030" by Agora Energiewende and the Japanese Renewable Energy Institute (REI) was prepared by Elia Grid International together with the European Training and Research Centre GridLab. A main subject of the study was the dynamic analysis of grid stability with an increasing share of renewable energies in the Japanese electricity systems. The results showed that by 2030 the share of renewables in electricity generation could rise to 40%, well above the official target for Japan (22-24%). The dynamic grid analyses for the study were carried out by GridLab experts. A summary of the study results can be found at this link: https://www.agora-energiewende.de/en/publications/integrating-renewables-into-the-japanese-power-grid-by-2030-1/.

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