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GridLab consults in Bolivia with regard to grid integration of variable renewable energies

the picture (GIZ) shows Fernando Ajhuacho Larrea as President of CNDC (second from left), Michael Mechlinski as GIZ coordinator for the PEERR program (right), Gunter Scheibner as Head of 50Hertz System Operations (second from right) and Matthias Müller-Mienack as Head of Research & Studies at GridLab (left)

From 4th to 6th April 2017, together with Gunter Scheibner as Head of 50Hertz System Operations, Dr. Matthias  Müller-Mienack as Head of Research & Studies at GridLab conducted a series of events focused on the grid integration of renewable energy sources in Bolivia.  In several lectures in Cochabamba as place of business of the Bolivian ISO CNDC, the German experience were shared concerning operational planning including outage planning, congestion management,  forecast processes for the infeed of variable renewable energies (vRE), training and certification of dispatchers as well as grid planning. This program on behalf of GIZ  in context of the “Programa de Energias Renovables (PEERR)” comprised also discussions with stakeholders of the electricity supply and a visit of CNDC control room. The recommendation addressed under consideration of the experience collected in Germany aroused great interest among the stakeholders. CNDC is the third operator of an islanded electricity system in South America GridLab was consulting on the vRE integration.

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