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Future oriented grid restoration concepts in frame of NETZ:KRAFT* / First demonstration training at GridLab with active role for wind and PV farms

As part of the German research project NETZ:KRAFT, on 29th/30th January 2018 for the first time an active involvement of wind and PV farms in the grid restoration process was demonstrated in GridLab's Dispatcher Training Center by dispatchers of the TSO 50Hertz, the DSO MITNETZ STROM and ENERGIEQUELLE as operator of wind farms. Two different training scenarios were facilitated and led by GridLab. The first scenario considered a manual dispatching of a large-scale wind farm directly connected to the transmission grid to support a conventional thermal power station which also provided voltage and frequency. In the second scenario, a distribution network region equipped with significant power from wind and PV farms was automatically balanced by the DSO dispatchers by means of an special overarching DSO grid controller, so that this distribution network region was able to run fully balanced respectively with neutral impact or alternatively to deliver defined schedules to support the TSO and the conventional power station in the process of stepwise increasing the re-supplied area.

As already during the first classical grid restoration demonstration trainings realized in September 2017, also this demonstration training considering now an active involvement of RE farms was supported by the NETZ:KRAFT research partners Fraunhofer IWES/IEE, PSI AG, University of Kassel and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. These partners significantly contributed to the scientific preparation of the training scenarios but also observed and monitored the demonstration training. As stated by all participants, valuable experience was gained in context of the active involvement of RE farms in the grid restoration process and related grid controller requirements; this will be considered in the further discussion of future oriented grid restoration concepts during the started final phase of the NETZ:KRAFT research project. 


* Under the coordination of Fraunhofer IWES/IEE the joint research project NETZ:KRAFT analyses the grid restoration under consideration of future generation structures. NETZ:KRAFT is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics in frame of the research initiative “STROMNETZE” of the German government (funding code: 0325776).

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