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E.ON edis and 50Hertz Transmission visited GridLab

Cottbus, 15/06/2011

In the framework of a planned R&D interconnection project "Development of a common certified TSO/DSO system training", the CEO of E.ON edis AG, Bernd Dubberstein, and the management of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, represented by Hans-Jörg Dorny, visited together with company representives the System Trainer of GridLab GmbH. At this occasion, GridLab could present itself to the participants, demonstrate the concrete functions of the simulator, inkl. a black out simulation and secure a participation in the project. GridLab was able to make effective contributions to the development of a certified, thus standardised TSO/DSO training, so that at the end of the meeting, both 50Hertz Transmission GmbH and GridLab GmbH had already signed the drafted letter of intent.

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