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Business Transfer prize went to GridLab

Cottbus, 05/05/2015: The 3rd prize - 2,000 euros, the donated by the Economic Initiative Lausitz Science Transfer Prize went to GridLab and commissioned by GridLab Chair of Industrial Engineering / Industrial Psychology BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg for the design and testing of innovative evaluation and learning tool - Technical Assessment Center (TAC) for operators to network control stations.

"Network operators are by the energy transition face major challenges. The changing demands on the operating personnel of network control stations (operators) and the associated risks for switching and operating errors require careful selection and training of personnel."

The companies want to train the skills of the operators work and as stress adapted. In a research project (2013/2014) the GridLab GmbH from Cottbus and the teaching field have Economics / Occupational Psychology BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg developed an innovative learning tool.The includes, inter alia, a two-day program for the evaluation of newly set operators and simulation training with human-machine interaction."

The award was presented by Michael von Bronk (Board of Economic Initiative Lausitz and Chief Human Resources Officer of the Vattenfall Mining & Generation AG) and taken on behalf of GridLab by member of the Scientific Committee Hans-Jörg Dorny contrary.

"We are delighted to receive this recognition," said Dr. Bernd Benser, CBO at GridLab, because was born with the implementation of the idea, which together with the colleagues Gero Boomgaarden (Hamburg power supply system), we take into account the increased demands on the Dispatcher and operator of network operator check."

Because these balances are increasingly those of air traffic controllers to." And Hans-Peter Erbring, CEO GridLab expanded: "We can be proud of our development - which was great team effort in GridLab incidentally - particularly because our customers have given up very positive feedback."


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