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Artificial Grids

Artificial Control Area

Cottbus, January 02, 2014

GridLab started out, with a technical innovation. Therefore was a virtual control center with underlaid Distribution- and City network developed, that

  • permits a short notice instruction respectively the short notice training (prevention of a drawn out data migration) of operating staff, at which

  •  in such trainings all functions of the grid simulator (see service description of grid simulator) can be used. Especially internal requirements cannot be taught, because the virtual line impedance stabilization the specific characteristic of the customer own grids not are not available (map colors, switching symbols, extraordinary forms of switching boards and related special operating instructions, typical power flow situations in costumers grid, etc.) and

  •  if needed to conduct In-house – instructions for our clients with the aid of our GridLab compact system which allows to “make Grid systems portable” but where the amount of student space are not used up.

The virtual grids are focused of those clients, who do not need the detailed replication of customer own grid for an instruction or training.

A Single Instruction or training usually does not legitimate the implementation of one´s own grid data models in the GridLab grid simulator.

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